About the blog

Writing is totally entertaining with the passion aboard, but more enticing it is when what you scribble is a subject of your own breed. Perfectly, because it’s original, witty, funny, informative, yet somehow touching.

I enjoy blogging from a dad’s perspective about my awesome daughter Sirri. I take the limelight of documenting her growing years and how she coped up her learning stages as a toddler, a year-old, then to be a pre-schooler. It’s pretty overwhelming when parenting is part of your daily routine. Now you can vividly observe the wonders of earlier stages of life, no matter how odd, bizarre, whacky, and startling they are. They say having a baby is the biggest event in your life so I wanted to document it every step of the way. As time passes, it will be nice to have these moments captured. It could also prove to be very fascinating for my girl, Sirri to be able to read this when she aptly can already.

This is somehow Sirri’s virtual book. I know I’ll get paid by a heartfelt gratitude the sooner she comprehends. Now, me and my wifey are happily experiencing the ups and downs of parenthood. It’s not always a smooth ride, and life seldom turns out the way one expects, but as said life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

Enjoy reading or reminisce how you once were behaving and making toddler fancies!

-Sirri’s Dad