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Sirri Hadley Padilla#Sirri is just 2 years old when this first post was originally published. She still yet to learn how to read and write, and when the time comes, she’ll be able to maintain and run this blog on her own moving forward. For the meantime, Sirri’s Dad is taking in-charge.

#iAMSirri is where we share the limelight of Sirri’s growing years. Here you will find bizarre moments, the bliss of nurturing and the learning stages of Sirri. Come along and enjoy her yesteryear glee, from her toddler moments and onwards of her growing years.

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It’s Marie Ernestine School’s Recognition Day, Again!

Marie Ernestine School Recognition Day 2018

Today, March 23, is a significant day for Sirri as she received her award as a good English communicator during Marie Ernestine School’s 42nd Recognition Day. As Senior Kinder pupil, she completed her Preschool (after Nursery and Junior Kinder), or what Marie Ernestine School called as ECE (Early Childhood Education).

The event, held at The Atrium in Robinson’s Galleria, was all about young Sirri and her classmates, as they come on stage and get recognized for their year-long stay in school. They enjoyed the spotlight as they received their awards, with Sirri accepting her “Award in English Communication,” and sang Yesterday’s Dream. Aren’t they cute?

Of course, the little girl also got her well-deserved reward from Mom and Dad as they took her and the rest of the family to a recognition blowout!


Congratulations, Sirri!